Understand the packing

Understand the differences and offer the ideal food for your pet.

2003 - The Beginning

Nutritional development for domestic animals and launch of DalPet feed lines.

Três Barras

Where we host our production. With an area of more than 4,000 m² of built area.


Technology, research and creativity are the cornerstones that define our strict quality standards.


Satisfaction guarantee program, offering the best experience for pets and their owners.

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Rodovia Jorge Lacerda, 300, Km 0
Bairro Salseiros | Itajaí | SC | CEP 88317-100
(47) 3341.8200

Filial (Fábrica)
Estrada Transfalcônica, Km 2
Bairro Campininha | Três Barras | SC | CEP 89490-000
(47) 3621.4000