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Young and full of energy to keep growing and gaining more and more space in the market. This is DalPet, a pet food company born in 2003. The industry belongs to the Dalquim Group, which has more than 30 years of experience acting in the chemical, agricultural business and animal feed, as well as exporting our products to some countries. Concerned to attend and serving well its customers, DalPet adopt a strict quality control that are characteristics inherited from the Dalquim Group.

Healthy animals, full of energy and balanced nourished. It is what DalPet foods brings for your pet of all breeds. Formulated with high biological value proteins and selected raw materials, our products fulfill the nutritional needs of all different lifestyles of the animals.

Três Barras, Santa Catarina
It is in this city, with a little more than 18 thousand inhabitants, that we host our production. The factory process, developed in an area of 4.000 m², presents a strict quality control, through analyzes carried out in our own laboratories and other certified laboratories. We have highly qualified professionals to provide the best technical assistance throughout our product lines, besides assisting in projects that aim to increase the productivity of the customer productivity.

Quality and Environmental Safety
Our products and services meet strict standards of quality and environmental safety. We have as principle to respect the environment, thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the whole community. We are proud to have important partners in Brazil and the world, with business in certain continents. Technology, research and creativity. These are the pillars that make DalPet what it is today: a company that provides highly reliable solutions to its customers. DalPet attributes its success to effort and dedication in everything it does.

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